Office Space



With excellent transport links to our Manchester & Birmingham offices, a variety of flexible workspaces available, a price match guarantee on meeting rooms and value for money all round, we have a portfolio that’s designed to fit your needs.

Each of our offices is serviced with a variety of benefits. These include Wi-Fi, high-speed broadband, the latest communication technology, and 24/7 monitoring all day, every day.

On top of this we’re pleased to offer a reliable IT support team, an advanced security system and even a multi-lingual secretary on hand in our Manchester offices. All of this leaves you best prepared to focus on the job at hand of building your company.

With these all-inclusive, extensive packages you can rest assured that all your business needs are being catered for, from your first viewing through to the day-to-day activities of your staff.

For enquiries please call us on 0161 694 9600.



It’s not just what you do within your office that matters, but how it presents your business as well.

On the face of it, an office must be spacious enough to include all your physical assets and employees. Making sure it’s fully-equipped and laid out to suit your business needs is vital.

As well as this, location matters. Easy access from transport links, scenic views for inspiration and preferable climates are all going to affect the productivity of your staff.

Finally, a well-furnished, impressive-looking office can fill prospective clients with a sense of confidence, knowing that they are dealing with professionals.

For enquiries please call us on 0161 694 9600

Virtual Office

A virtual office ensures that business owners have a prestigious address and complete communication services as part of the same package, with no need to dedicate anymore of their office space to it. With many of your administrative functions outsourced, you can spend more time on the tasks that matter most to your company.

Arranging a virtual office with iHub means that you’ll be able to run your business with minimum commitment and cost, while also maintaining maximum flexibility. It’s all about providing a professional image without having to compensate with physical space.

The key highlights of our service include a prestigious M1 business address for your cards and website; free iHub membership which you can use for extended networking; discounts on services provided by other iHub members; and access to state-of-the-art meeting rooms, as well as private offices.

We can provide all of this with extremely low overheads, a low risk approach to setting up your office agreement, professional secretarial services and a select local business telephone number all thrown into the deal.

It’s a hassle-free process that’s made possible through our established network of contacts and impressive infrastructure.

Business Networking

There are few means of improving your business that are as effective as learning from the success of others.

That is why iHub are proud to offer a series of business networking services, there to help you build awareness of your brand and attain clients while also enabling your company to develop and grow over time.

Of all the benefits we can provide in this area, the key focuses are on attending networking events held by fellow businesses; helping you to host your own networking forums; working with you to gain referrals and leads; and providing the hi-tech facilities to make all of the above a resounding success every time.

Through all of this, iHub can help you not only attain more clients and ideas, but also seek opportunities for partnerships and joint ventures. Aiming to be far more than just office providers, we are there to enable you to establish connections and to build on your foundations over time. It is an all-round service we provide – and we provide it well.