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At the heart of every successful business is the ability to communicate. From the very first phone call to every email afterwards, clients form impressions of businesses based on their language, their availability and their general ability to maintain a relationship. But what happens if they can’t reach you? A virtual office in Birmingham could be the ideal solution.

The growing cost of office hire, coupled with the desire to work remotely, has made for an interesting new dynamic among small businesses. Now, owners are handing out their mobile phone digits as their primary contact number, and clients are all too willing to oblige. There’s a downside, however: what happens if you’re in a meeting, unable to take an important call? Is there someone on hand to answer your phone for you? And how can a virtual office in Birmingham help?

Even in a world where we all seem to be digital-orientated and tech-focused, the phone has managed to hold on as the primary source of interaction between clients and their suppliers. In fact, a recent study shows that 68% of client communications still occur by phone, with social media only handling 3%.

Add to these statistics the ease with which people can communicate over the phone – especially important if there’s a sense of immediacy involved – and it’s clear that there’s still a role for the telephone to play in the modern business

With so much importance placed on the telephone in client communications, it pays to know what makes for a successful call. As with all aspects of life, a good first impression is priceless. Research by Help Scout shows that 83% of consumers will avoid a business if they had a poor experience with an automated system, so it pays to make sure you either have an effective service in place, or calls are being answered personally.

It also goes without saying that telephone communications should be carried out with politeness, friendly language, and in a way that leaves callers with a positive feeling once they’ve put the phone down.

Finally, 67% of customers surveyed by Help Scout said they had hung up in frustration due to not being able to talk to a real person – in part because of long wait times. As such, it’s essential to not leave clients hanging. However, this can be a problem if you’re using your mobile and are, for example, tied up in meetings.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to answer your phone to clients – as mentioned above, you could be in a meeting, travelling, or simply not near your phone. That’s why businesses have been looking for a solution which enables them to still use their mobiles and work remotely, but ensure that client impressions remain positive.

For Birmingham businesses, the solution has come in the form of the virtual office. As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, a virtual office comes with the benefit of providing businesses with a prestigious address in a bricks and mortar location, without actually hiring an office.

In addition, a virtual office in Birmingham – such as iHub’s Colmore Gate property – also provides its users with outsourced administration services. That means that if you’re unable to answer your mobile, one of our secretarial staff can handle it for you, ensuring that no call goes to voicemail.

With the rise of the virtual office in Birmingham’s business community, small businesses have the opportunity to stay on top of their secretarial duties, all without having to hire another member of staff. For businesses, this provides peace of mind that even when missed, calls are being taken. For clients, it offers a clear route of communication – and forms a lasting positive impression. After all, it’s not just the first impression which is important – in business, every impression counts.

Keep on top of your secretarial duties with a virtual office in Birmingham, with an address on prestigious Colmore Gate. Enjoy outsourced administrative services, meeting spaces and a well-established address to bolster your business’ reputation. Simply get in touch to find out more.

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