Enticing new plans have been unveiled to refresh Birmingham’s historic Colmore Row, with new features set to attract additional investment and prestige. But how can a cash-strapped small business be a part of Colmore Row’s new plans, without breaking the bank? Our Birmingham virtual office could be the solution.

Colmore Row has a long and distinguished history amongst Birmingham’s business community, with addresses in the area highly sought after. Now, with plans for the future development of the area – including a £10m revamp of the square outside of Snow Hill station and a general makeover for Colmore Row – being released, businesses are finding it harder than ever to resist the lure of joining the prestigious tenants already in residence.


But despite the allure of Colmore Row and the unprecedented access to large and powerful players in the Birmingham business community granted to tenants, many smaller businesses can feel priced out, leaving a gulf between them and the area.

With redevelopment plans firmly on the table, that gulf is only set to grow wider, potentially preventing small businesses from growing and reaching their full potential. After all, when there are plenty of other outgoings to think about, a swanky office space is usually the first thing to be struck from the wishlist.

There is, however, an option which allows small businesses to play their part in Colmore Row’s exciting future, without having to pay through the nose for expensive office space – and as the revamp gets underway, it’s set to give small business owners a strong competitive advantage.


The option in question is the virtual office – a concept which allows small businesses to make use of a prestigious address and certain resources, without the cost associated with renting or buying an office space.

iHub’s Birmingham virtual office, for example, offers businesses the chance to use a Colmore Row address and become acquainted with the community present there, whilst also granting optional access to meeting rooms and co-working space if the need should arise. For our clients, the virtual office is a win-win, with money saved on office space being reinvested in growing the business.


Colmore row’s makeover plans are set to create an idyllic space for employees and the public alike, with considerable thought and effort being put into how the space will incorporate wellbeing and further improve the area’s desirability. At the heart of these plans is the desire to make Colmore row more attractive and enriching to everybody, and create a more inclusive area in the process – the virtual office taps into this spirit to include even more businesses and entrepreneurs, building upon the community already present.

Upon completion, the result will be an area of Birmingham that’s truly for everybody, without losing any of the prestige associated with colmore row’s business-centric history. Ihub are proud to be able to play a part in that by offering a virtual office in Birmingham’s beating heart, and we’re excited to witness the development plans unfold before our very eyes – something you shouldn’t have to miss out on.

Are you keen to be seen on Colmore row, but conscious of the price of renting office space? Our Birmingham virtual office space is an ideal alternative for you. Feel free to explore our website for more information, or get in touch with any questions you may have.