When it comes to the modern workplace, there’s often a disconnect between the needs and desires of employers and their employees, leading to a missed opportunity for harmony and maximised engagement. Now, businesses are being urged to rethink the workplace – and meeting rooms in particular are in the firing line.

If we were to look back at the workplace environment only a decade or two ago, it would almost certainly be unrecognisable. In the modern office, employees seek out an environment which allows them to hone their skills and work in line with what makes them happy, and on the whole, employers are happy to oblige.

There are, however, still some cases where employees and employers find themselves at odds over what the workplace should encompass. The result is friction between employee motivations and the business’ goals – and employers are being urged to re-think their approach.


Investigating this fraught relationship between individuals and their employers in workplace design is the recently published Leesman Review. According to the review, 85% of employees find the design of the workplace important – nothing new to those hiring Millennials or working in creative industries. But, rather startling, less than 50% of respondents claimed that their own work environment enables them to work productively.

This last statistic was flanked with similarly shocking results: only 57% believed their workplace to be an enjoyable environment in which to work, and 58% agreed that their workplace contributed towards the business’ community.

The impact these results have on businesses is two-fold. Firstly, it shows very clearly that the individuals surveyed are not happy in their current work environments. This can lead to high staff turnover, a lack of loyalty, and damaged productivity.

Secondly, the latter of these consequences can then proceed to damage the bottom line, which as all business owners know, can lead to financial disaster and down-sizing. The solution, then, is to ensure that employee needs are being met by the workplace, whilst also not losing sight of the business’ goals.


The Leesman Review also provided insight into another worrying statistic: only 51% of employees surveyed were happy to bring visitors to their workplace. This revelation is in line with employees demanding better meeting rooms, which not only provide a welcoming environment, but also meet their technological requirements when joined by clients and prospects.

In response, it’s up to employers to secure high quality meeting rooms which offer these resources, and which are maintained to a high standard. For smaller businesses who either work remotely or don’t have access to meeting rooms (or the finances to revamp the one they have), this doesn’t have to be the impossible mission it might first feel like.

There are various Birmingham meeting rooms on offer which provide the technological resources necessary to succeed in modern business, as well as access to the IT support that so often is lacking. iHub’s Birmingham meeting rooms, for example, come equipped with state-of-the-art AV equipment which allows users to achieve their goals and feel much happier inviting clients to the venue.


But how, you may ask, do humble Birmingham meeting rooms contribute to employee happiness within the context of the workplace environment? Well firstly, as stated above, employees are much happier when welcoming clients, suppliers and prospects to meeting rooms which are regularly cleaned, have fantastic views, and provide a pleasant ambiance.

Secondly, by providing the right level of technology and support, the stress usually associated with ‘making do’ in an outdated meeting room is instantly negated, and employees are able to accomplish their goals far more easily, meaning success for the company, and recognition for them.

Finally, being granted access to high quality meeting rooms demonstrates to employees that their happiness is being considered by employers – and that those higher up have recognised their needs and are actively working to meet them.

In today’s world, the workplace has taken on a whole new meaning, and if we’ve learned anything from the Leesman Review, it’s that employers need to ensure that the workplace aligns employee happiness with the business’ goals – and with iHub’s Birmingham meeting rooms on offer, that doesn’t have to break the bank or involve a total office revamp.

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