If your small business’ ambitions are anything like Manchester’s own, you’ll surely be looking to the wider world for inspiration – which is where you’ll find the global community embracing co-working space. So, how can the trend attracting even the big players help to support your business in its successes?

Thanks to our cousins over the pond and a boom in their appearance here, co-working space is becoming ever-more popular amongst UK businesses of all shapes and sizes. Now, Manchester SMEs are in a great position to give the global trend a go, following in the city’s own ambitious footsteps.


It’s not difficult to see why co-working space has become so popular around the world: it not only offers a collaborative environment filled with innovation and ideas, but the spaces themselves are usually available at a conveniently low, monthly price and are well maintained to high standards.

But it’s not just small businesses and Silicon Valley tech start-ups who have grown to adore the humble co-working space. Now, more established businesses are finding themselves drawn to the collaborative environment in an effort to share ideas with the wider community, and nurture staff in a diverse space.

There are also practical reasons for enterprise businesses to use co-working space around the world too. With remote working becoming more and more popular, co-working space offers a professional, yet flexible environment to remote workers. In addition, seasonal projects and staff overflow can both benefit from some extra space.

Enough about the rest of the world, though: how can Manchester’s own take on the co-working space trend support and benefit local small businesses?


Quite simply put, co-working space in Manchester is like an office and a support network tied into one. Small business owners find themselves supported by individuals in similar positions as themselves, who are sometimes from the same industry, and sometimes not. The diversity available in the room is what makes co-working space in Manchester so magical. Small business owners can find themselves swapping ideas, sharing innovations, and collaborating on projects with a whole raft of colourful individuals, all of whom also act as potential clients, potential suppliers, and even potential friends.

There’s also the affordability of the co-working space, as opposed to a private office, that makes it an ideal partner to small businesses. At a low monthly rate, users can make the most of the space, with high speed internet included and additional features – such as meeting room discounts, and when you’re ready to grow, private offices – available on demand.

Finally, opting for a Manchester co-working space over your home office or a coffee shop keeps business owners away from the sometimes harmful psychological side effects of suddenly working alone in their small business. Running a business after a career working with other individuals on a daily basis can have a profound effect on happiness, and feelings of loneliness and “what am I even doing?” are common amongst new small business owners.

Rather than face these new challenges alone, and feel cut off, there’s an opportunity to work from a single, well-maintained location with other individuals who have been in the same position – or are in the same position – as yourself, making the whole journey a much happier one.


If you’re a small business owner in or around Manchester, and any of this has rung true for you, then maybe it’s time to start exploring what’s on offer around the city. iHub, for example, provide top of the range co-working space memberships across a number of levels, with a whole host of features included, such as free tea and coffee, and high-speed internet. To make it even better, we’re also located right in the heart of the city, near transport links and the centre’s most interesting offerings.

So don’t worry: you don’t have to travel the globe to take part in the co-working revolution – it’s available right on your doorstep at a very competitive price. We always knew Manchester could keep up!

To find out more about Manchester co-working space from iHub, and to find out for yourself how it could support your small business, feel free to get in touch – we’ll be happy to help!