Like it or not, we’re addicted to meetings – despite the negative impact they can have on our productivity and our health. But with the availability of meeting rooms for hire in Manchester, this problem could easily be a thing of the past.

As every office worker in Britain knows, we’re a little bit addicted to holding meetings; board meeting, client meetings, planning meetings, and sometimes even meetings about meetings. Our addiction means that businesses up and down the country haemorrhaging productivity at an alarming rate. Fortunately, there’s a solution in meeting rooms for hire in Manchester, and it could be the key to breaking the cycle.


We’ve all been in one of those meetings where the room is a little too crowded, or perhaps the AV equipment isn’t working properly, and maybe we wonder whether or not we actually have any place being there. If that sounds at all familiar, you’re not alone – and it’s this issue which is leading to businesses missing out on time and money through inefficient meetings.

It’s not just the business that’s suffering either: Public Health England recently published terrifying statistics which show that the inactivity around meetings can lead to obesity, diabetes, and even an early death. The Get Britain Standing campaign is in resounding agreement, equating sedentary meeting culture with smoking in terms of the ill health effects. What’s even more worrying is that research suggests it takes an hour of activity to work off the toxins built up in one meeting.

In short, meetings are killing us and our businesses’ productivity.


Despite the advent of innovative communicative technology, we’re still seemingly bound to our meeting rooms, and we’re not ready to change that. If it’s not possible to entirely remove meetings from a business, or to restrict them to one day, then it’s important to address the negative effects they’re having in order to create the most efficient meeting possible, to everybody’s benefit.

One such way is the hiring of meeting rooms in Manchester. For small businesses with their own facilities, hiring external meeting rooms might seem a little backward, but they come with a number of advantages. Firstly, it gets employees away from their desk and moving towards their destination, going some way to undoing the damage of sitting down for a long time.

Secondly, meeting rooms in Manchester can include the latest AV equipment and the necessary support to make sure everything runs smoothly, which instantly cuts down on wasted time and stress levels, allowing for employees to jump into meetings.

Thirdly, hiring by time means that there’s a limit to how long a meeting can run for, which must be adhered to, forcing participants to make better use of the time, and only inviting the necessary contributors. By having an external party dictate this timeframe, the pattern of long-winded meetings can be broken, and productivity can thrive again with employees back at their desks.

It’s not just businesses with their own meeting rooms which can benefit from hiring externally, either. Remote entrepreneurs and small businesses alike can benefit from hiring high quality meeting rooms of different sizes to ensure comfort when accommodating varying numbers of people and their ideas.


Unfortunately, it’s going to take something revolutionary to break the meeting habit, but we’re moving forward regardless, using new innovations and meeting rooms for hire. The latter provides businesses with a number of opportunities to reverse some of the damage being inflicted on both their teams and their productivity – allowing everybody to be a winner.

So, next time you schedule in a meeting that you’re worried will overrun or you’re filled with dread over setting up the AV to present an important pitch to a client, take a deep breath and look externally for meeting rooms in Manchester: it could end up being the best meeting you’ve ever had.

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