With the recent launch of the Greater Manchester Internationalisation Strategy, Manchester’s ambitions to become a global city have been cemented. And now that its sights are firmly set on the world, businesses are eyeing Manchester office space as the place to be, putting it in high demand.

The Greater Manchester Internationalisation Strategy (or GMIS, because that’s quite a mouthful) is a framework comprising eight key priorities that will guide Manchester on its journey to becoming a global city by 2035. Developed and led by leaders in the public and private sectors, the GMIS is set to give Manchester some serious clout on the international stage.


Comprising priorities such as turning Manchester into a global gateway for Britain and the North, and attracting more direct foreign investment, the GMIS carries Manchester’s hopes for weathering the likes of Brexit, and gives the city and surrounding area some additional space to grow, outside of Northern Powerhouse plans.

That being said, Sir Richard Leese – one of the strategies main spokespersons, and leader of Manchester council – made it clear during the recent launch that Manchester would continue to “work with our partners in the north of England” in order to ensure that “we’re able to achieve our shared objectives” and “build a stronger, more inclusive United Kingdom”. This means Manchester’s success will also have a positive effect on the surrounding region, too. But what exactly does all this mean for local businesses?


As you’d expect, success for the city means the prospect of success for those inhabiting it, and businesses have front row seats to the opportunities a global Manchester will bring. Many of those opportunities come from a focus on improving infrastructure and transport connectivity, such as the ongoing Metrolink expansion and increased direct flights to America.

Using these areas to act as a gateway between the UK and the rest of the world, Manchester will be able to welcome international business relationships, as well as bringing together businesses and entrepreneurs based in surrounding areas.

What’s more, additional investment from overseas will see businesses benefiting with better support, increased resources and facilities, and a chance to take their offering to the global market.

With all this going on in the city, it’s easy to predict an influx of entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners – all of whom will be looking for Manchester office space to base themselves from.


The fantastic office space in Manchester already plays an integral role in nurturing innovation and housing some of the biggest players in the region – and with an increase in attention from all corners, Manchester office space is about to find itself in even higher demand than before.

As such, businesses will no doubt be looking at different ways to accommodate themselves and their teams (and get in on the action), without breaking the bank or competing for limited properties. One such alternative is serviced office space in Manchester city centre – right at the heart of the action, and comfortably within the local business community.

Serviced office space doesn’t just offer businesses somewhere to hang their hats and claim their stake in the exciting times ahead for Manchester: it also provides an affordable option which allows them to grow the size of their office alongside their team, all the while ensuring that they have a high-quality environment to work from and the necessary resources to feel right at home.

As demand for office space grows over the coming years, we predict that serviced office space in Manchester will become a popular option amongst smaller businesses – and iHub will be ready to welcome these businesses with open arms.


If we know Manchester, we know that the city will live up to the ambitions set out in the GMIS – because it’s a city that’s got what it takes to succeed. What’s more, businesses will no doubt find themselves in a stronger position once the ball starts rolling on GMIS, and anyone wishing to get in on the action will be well-catered for with world-standard office space.

So, all that’s left to do now is to toast to Manchester’s rising star – and start looking ahead to how we can all help the city to become a global leader by 2035.

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