As we’ve mentioned in our blogs before, event marketing is still very much a key part of any successful marketing strategy, but what about when it comes to expos? Well, it seems that demand for smaller Manchester event space has grown, and the expo buzz is calming down – and there’s a clear reason why.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that business events are alive and kicking – and possibly more numerous than ever before. This spike in popularity is likely inspired by the fact that more marketers are able to host their own small events, rather than waiting for an annual conference or expo to roll around. After all, hosting your own event means greater opportunities to reach your target audience, right?

But what inspired this change of scale? Why are marketing managers now opting for a downsized and cosy affair over the flashier offering of an expo? As a provider ofManchester event space ourselves, the iHub team are privy to this knowledge – and we’re going to share it with you!


Money may not make the world go around, but it does definitely dictate a lot of the decision making behind marketing strategies. As a result of the significant cost behind attending an industry expo – let alone exhibiting at one or hosting your own – marketers have become prone to holding on more tightly to the purse strings.

A low-key event, where the main cost is a modest event space and perhaps refreshments, offers an alternative to the budget-busting theatrics of a large-scale expo, allowing for multiple events to be held, as well as freed up budget for investment in other areas of the marketing strategy.


It’s not just money that’s motivating marketers, however. A fact of bigger expos is that there simply isn’t time to pay attention to everybody – meaning that some relationships are never formed, and you’ve got a lot of competition for a prospective client’s attention. Smaller events are offering marketing managers the opportunity to host fewer attendees in order to ensure the quality of conversation and idea-sharing is higher.

There are, obviously, still marketing managers who insist on flying the team to large industry expos. The problem with the quality of these expos lies in the fact that the audience aren’t necessarily who you’re looking for – and you have little to no control over that. On the other hand, hosting your own event means you can pick a more targeted invite list which fits with your marketing goals. Basically, marketers are opting for quality over quantity.


When it comes to quality, smaller events aren’t just offering better prospects on the invite list, either: they’re an opportunity to provide guests with a dynamic structure and tone to the event without breaking the bank.

For example, it’s easier to host small interviews, bring together industry leaders for panels, encourage informal networking, and even bring experiential marketing into the spotlight. The latter is gaining prominence in marketing circles, and allows prospective clients to experience the brand directly, engaging with their offering and ideals in a face-to-face format. Although still present at larger expos, there are difficulties in attracting enough people to your offering when there’s so much else to see; in a smaller event, there’s the potential for much stronger engagement with experiential marketing.


With all these benefits going for them, it’s no wonder that marketers are opting for smaller events over expos. In case you’re wondering where our knowledge on this comes from, iHub is proud to provide businesses based across the North West with high-quality Manchester event space.

We’ve seen marketers’ downsizing decisions in action, and have had the opportunity to hear feedback on why the smaller offering is giving them much more. And you’ll be glad to know that if you’d like to get on board, our Manchester event space is open to you too!

So, next time you’re planning how event marketing will fit into your strategy without costing you a fair chunk of the budget, consider downsizing to a smaller offering in a cosier event space in Manchester – and host the event you really want.

If you’d like to downsize your events and grow your marketing success in the process, the first step should involve securing great Manchester event space. To find out more about iHub’s event space, feel free to explore our website or get in touch – our team are always happy to help!