The growing importance of face-to-face events in an increasingly impersonal world has led to event space finding its way into marketing plans across the business world – right where it belongs. But are you including Manchester event space in your northern marketing efforts?

Despite a heavy investment into social media, blogging, and email marketing, face-to-face events remain both important and lucrative for businesses in any sector. The reason behind this is the ability to communicate more closely with clients and prospects, rather than relying on impersonal digital messages.

Add to that the chance to involve individuals with the brand and the chance to build lasting relationships, and it becomes obvious that events have a rightful place in the marketing strategy. But an event is nothing without the right event space – and this is an area often addressed later in the planning process. In reality, the event space itself deserves a place within the marketing strategy – here’s why.


In recent years, Manchester event space has seen an influx of conferences, expos and demonstrations. From the experimental to the traditional, marketing events have taken the city by storm.

One such type of marketing event which has evolved over the years, and which has had a profound effect on marketing strategies everywhere, is experiential marketing. This tactic invites potential prospects and members of the public to directly participate in the brand, effectively ‘experiencing’ it personally. The result is higher engagement and a chance for better lead generation.

To make experiential marketing – as with any kind of event – work, marketers need to find the right event space in Manchester to accommodate their needs, and which provides a great first impression for attendees. Securing this space on a regular basis helps to create consistency and enables businesses to capitalise on the boom in experiential events.


Events have also found themselves still a key part of the marketing plan thanks to their relation to other activities. For example, social media by itself can seem distant and false. By hosting an event and following it up with a blog or other piece of original content, marketers can create their own resources and show real world value in their proposition.

Over on social media, the combination of events and digital marketing makes for a great exercise in community building. Using social media to communicate with attendees and other professionals between regular events helps to ensure the next gathering is just as successful, and builds effective relationships grounded in face-to-face communication.

With events being so compatible with more modern types of marketing, it’s no surprise they’re still popular, but what about event space and digital marketing? The relationships on offer aren’t just between brands and their attendees, as acknowledging an event space and communicating with its owners on social media can lead to a whole host of benefits, such as extra promotion and further consistency. Meanwhile, blogging has the potential to advertise the event and the space to a whole new audience.


Finally, understanding Manchester itself has helped convince marketers to make event space a priority in their strategies. As residents, visitors, local businesses, and fans of the city will no doubt know, Manchester is a creative hub within the north, attracting start-ups, tech, fashion and much more to the region.

These creative areas – which the city nurtures so well – are frequent hosts of experiential marketing and engaging events, and a community has been built around attending these events and securing the best event space in Manchester. As such, it’s become a competitive area, with lead generation and the chance to impress very much at stake.


With all this in mind, it’s time to consider including event space in your marketing strategy. If you’re looking to host regular events around which you can build a community, securing regular event space as part of your strategy will allow for consistency and relationship building, as well as cross-promotion. If you’re looking at experiential marketing, your event space needs to address the challenges involved with making such events a success.

Luckily, Manchester event space is world-class. With stunning views over Manchester’s iconic skyline and a bespoke event service on offer, iHub’s Level 12 has helped marketers in our fair city to secure high-quality event space as part of their wider marketing strategies. Our event space is located in City Tower – perfectly positioned within Manchester’s city centre.

Thanks to the role it plays in maximising marketing efforts and generating lasting relationships, we think it’s only a matter of time until event space is included in every marketing strategy. Until then, get ahead of the game and see the benefits to your marketing efforts for yourself.

Interested in hiring out Level 12, iHub’s bespoke event space in Manchester? Simply get in touch and our team will be happy to help!