It’s no secret that the UK’s digital and technology industries continue to boom: in the West Midlands alone, they’re expected to add £2billion to the region’s economy and create 14,000 new specialist roles. As a result, Birmingham office space is in high demand, as the city hits the middle of its own growth spurt.

A recent study conducted by Birmingham City University and the Regional Observatory suggests that the digital and tech industries are set to play an integral role in the success of the West Midlands.

At the heart of the study’s findings are some choice statistics, providing optimism and excitement to the local business community: the industries combined are set to raise GVA by £2.2billion by 2025, and the sector’s job tally is set to increase by 20% to 84,000 – of which 91% will be technical roles and highly skilled professionals, up from 55%.


The reason this projected influx of digital workers is so exciting – apart from the additional capital in the region’s coffers – is the change it will inspire within the city and its lively business community – with office space in particular playing an important role in welcoming and accommodating new digital professionals.

Tech giants such as Google and Facebook are well known for supplying their employees with unique office space features, and our culture of sharing on social media has made the uk’s digital professionals well aware of what they’re looking for in an office space. As such, expectations are changing, and Birmingham office space needs to keep up in light of the incoming digital boost.

This has been made apparent by recent reports claiming that office space is considered a ‘deal-breaker’ for new talent, acting as both an attraction for new employees, and a means of retention. In the case of digital workers, this means a well-placed office space in Birmingham’s city centre, flanked with the best technological features and modern furnishings.

So, can Birmingham office space keep up with this soon-to-rise demand?


iHub’s Birmingham office space has been built with these requirements in mind, serving as modern, high-quality hubs of creative outlet, on the prestigious Colmore Gate. Our team has worked hard to ensure that every instance of iHub office space comes kitted out with all the mod-cons that digital and tech professionals require, whilst taking away the stress of managing a building and the secretarial duties that come as standard.

By preparing a solid offering for digital and tech professionals now – ahead of the projected 2025 date – we can ensure our Birmingham office space is growing alongside the population of fresh talent, enabling the city to welcome more of the region’s incoming 14,000 digital workers.


Of course, the influx of new digital workers to the West Midlands will benefit more than just the availability (and quality) of the modern office space in Birmingham: the city in general will feel the benefit, through additional investment, regional innovations and businesses being attracted to the region.

Therefore, ensuring we have the facilities available to welcome these individuals and their businesses will play an important role in making the relationship work. By embracing these new professionals, the region stands an even greater chance of rivalling the Manchester-centric Northern Powerhouse movement – much to the benefit of the entire business community.

We, for one, are excited to see how this unfolds between now and 2025 – and we’re sure there’s space for a few more talented individuals in Birmingham.

iHub provides high-quality managed office space in Birmingham’s famous Colmore Gate, at the heart of the city’s business community. To find out more about our office space, please feel free to get in touch – our team will be happy to help.