Birmingham has found itself in the spotlight as of late, and the light is only set to get bigger and brighter as international flights introduce the city to the rest of the world. Now, with Primera Air taking over offering transatlantic flights from 2018, Birmingham meeting rooms will prove even more useful for those looking to welcome international business opportunities.

Birmingham has found itself front and centre on the international stage – a great place to be with the uncertainty of Brexit casting its shadow. Although Birmingham’s international ambitions suffered a slight setback when United Airlines backed out of providing flights to the United States, the city is now back on track thanks to Primera Air.

Now the increased exposure to the rest of the world provided by Primera Air – including flights to Boston four times a week – has left the city’s businesses in search of the best facilities with which to welcome our transatlantic cousins.


Naturally, Primera Air’s filling of the void left by United Airlines has been gratefully received by businesses across Birmingham and the surrounding area. Over the last few years, efforts have been concentrated on pushing Birmingham into the spotlight in a mock-rivalry with Manchester, and businesses are reaping the rewards of the city’s growing successes.

One of those rewards is the potential for interaction with international businesses, opening the city up to the likes of Silicon Valley and New York-based investors. Before United Airlines’ dropout, the company had helped businesses to lay foundations with Stateside clients, and now those relationships can continue.

But welcoming businesses from the likes of New York means that Birmingham businesses are working hard to provide the best first impression – not just in how they present themselves and the city, but by the meeting rooms where these relationships will be played out.

Currently, Birmingham meeting rooms up for hire host a number of local businesses and entrepreneurs, but not all of them are up to the standard our American counterparts will be used to. It sounds shallow, but if we’re honest, providing the right setting and environment is crucial to making a good first impression – and local businesses want to make the best impression possible.


It’s clear then that you can’t simply pick at random from all the meeting rooms in Birmingham – some thought needs to go into the decision. Aside from the usual cleanliness and high quality presentation you should be demanding as standard, it’s also important to consider the connectivity of the meeting rooms you’re choosing from – after all, visitors to the city will need to be able to travel to the destination with ease.

As for what’s in the meeting rooms, it goes without saying that the technological offering must be comprehensive – we need to present Birmingham as the tech hub which it’s becoming, and that’s difficult when meeting rooms are missing vital equipment capabilities. What’s more, you’ll soon find yourself at the mercy of a dodgy HDMI cable, or a blank blue screen without the proper support, so that’s a must too.

Finally, the best meeting rooms for international relationships always include refreshments – after all, they’ve come a long way to see you! Therefore, meeting rooms with a wide selection of refreshments on offer should definitely make your list.


It’s an exciting time for Birmingham as the city’s time in the international spotlight is really only just beginning. Defying a significant travel setback has only gone to prove that Birmingham’s community is ready to rise to the challenge of making global relationships work – and iHub are more than happy to be playing our part in facilitating these relationships with our high-quality meeting rooms for hire.

So, whether you’re preparing yourself to fly out to the likes of Boston and New York in 2018, or you’re welcoming business contacts from across the Pond to this fantastic city, be sure that iHub’s Birmingham meeting rooms have you covered. Together, the midlands can take on the world!

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when introducing your transatlantic clients to Birmingham – explore our website to find out more about the Birmingham meeting rooms we have on offer, or get in touch directly and ask us any questions you might have!