It’s no surprise that Birmingham co-working space is experiencing something of a boom. With the region set to welcome an influx of digital workers between now and 2025, and increased attention on the city’s creative endeavours, it has already been ranked as the 7th most attractive UK city for creative industries. As a result, co-working space across the city is being eyed up to support the creatives flocking to join innovative businesses or start their own endeavours.

A new report published by property consultancy CBRE has seen Birmingham secure a top ten ranking as a city providing an attractive environment for creative industries. For those keeping abreast of Birmingham’s recent developments, however, the result is far from surprising.

Over the last few years, the city has welcomed many new creative SMEs, as well as a Channel 4 move to the area, and the proposed arrival of Steven Knight’s film studio. With all this activity – and the recent CBRE ranking – it’s clear that Birmingham’s creative industries deserve support and encouragement.


Although Manchester has dwelled in the spotlight for quite some time as a hub of Britain’s creativity – especially following the BBC’s move to Salford – the recent rankings show that Birmingham is set to catch up with its closest rival.

To measure each city’s result and create the final rankings, CBRE’s study benchmarked locations against 15 all-important criteria, including labour costs, educational attainment, office space costs, and the concentration of creative employers.

Birmingham scored highly in many of these areas, but it was the growth of SMEs inhabiting the city that has struck the biggest chord. Dwarfing Manchester’s still-respectable 1.1% growth, Birmingham hit 5.9%, demonstrating how fast the city’s creative industries are growing. But to ensure that growth continues uninhibited, it’s essential for the right facilities and support to be in place.


Providing adequate facilities is consistently a challenge for cities experiencing high growth. Catering to creative businesses, in particular, can be difficult, as budgets and industry processes don’t always lend themselves to convention work spaces.

As a result, it’s important to look not only at providing separate office space, but also throwing support behind the co-working space – a frequently popular option for creative businesses looking for flexibility on a smaller budget.

Thankfully, co-working space in Birmingham has been growing in popularity over the last few years, with some excellent venues becoming available – iHub, for example, offer space in Colmore Gate, at the heart of the city’s business community. As a result, Birmingham’s small creative businesses have been provided with a whole host of opportunities which have assisted them in their successes, enabling the industry to thrive without severe cost restrictions.


Aside from the cost, though, what else is responsible for positioning the co-working space in Birmingham as a haven for the city’s creative businesses?

For starters, co-working space allows creative businesses to work from their own space early on in their lifecycle. Securing a physical base of operations can often seem like an insurmountable task to begin with, and so small creative business owners usually find themselves either working around their kitchen table. In contrast, the co-working space provides the location, freedom and benefits, allowing for the firm establishment of a brand presence within the city as early as day one.

Secondly, a Birmingham co-working space is the perfect location with which creative businesses can network and share ideas. What’s even better, is that although creative professionals are big fans of the co-working space, there remains an exciting variety in tenants – allowing for the formation of inter-industry relationships.

Finally, there are the needs of the employees within creative businesses to consider. After all, a business needs its employees to grow successfully. With the rise in ‘innovation hubs’ becoming popular with creative professionals, it becomes clear to see what they’re searching for and in need of within a working environment – including communal areas, a range of on-site amenities, and connectivity to the rest of the city and the local area.


iHub’s Birmingham co-working space has played host to a number of creative businesses, and we’re proud to have played our part in supporting the city’s thriving creative industries. Our Colmore Gate co-working location provides creative professionals with a place to share ideas, form new connections and work in comfort – as well as enjoying top-of-the-range amenities, access to meeting rooms and a well-maintained environment.

As Birmingham continues its journey through the rankings of the UK’s most creative cities, we’re confident that co-working space in Birmingham will play its role in supporting further successes. It’s an exciting time for Birmingham, and we look forward to seeing the city support a thriving creative presence.

iHub’s Birmingham co-working space provides businesses with a high-quality and well-managed work environment, filled with all the amenities needed to support your business’ success. To find out more, simply get in touch and our team will be happy to help!