As December draws to a close, many of those in the business services sector find it to be a time of planning and readiness for the New Year. Some of the new ideas and projects are now preparing to launch from a base possibly near you, perhaps these people could even be your competition and for that, they will want to be operating from the best environment possible.

When starting a business or growing a small team, flexibility is always going to be key. We understand that the biggest challenge businesses face is cash flow and getting paid on time. At iHub office, we do our best to go a little further in making that job somewhat easier than other serviced offices and here’s how.

When our prospective clients are looking at a flexible space in a good location we position ourselves with three ‘must have’ requirements, these are; an easy to reach location, a great view from your offices and superb breakout spaces.

A study covered by CNN news in America shows just why we offer this amount of space over and above that of other providers in the marketplace.

“Nearly two-thirds of US workers experience some degree of mismatch between their desired and actual working conditions, according to a recent survey by RAND. To make things worse, a study conducted in the UK found that there were more physical markers of stress in people who went from being unemployed to working in a bad job than in those who remained unemployed”.

The important part of the UK study for us lies in the final paragraph where the conclusion quotes,‘Job quality cannot be disregarded from the employment success of the unemployed, and may have important implications for their health and well-being.’

For us, a start-up looking to bring new people on board from all backgrounds needs the working environment to be a place people want to be, somewhere they can communicate with other like-minded individuals, somewhere there is a team member on hand all day to take the edge of the stresses. After all, for those of us who are lucky enough to spend most of our waking hours in a restaurant before an afternoon matinée or on the golf course, are certainly in the few, for the rest of us the environment in which we place ourselves and our team has to be one conducive to productivity, and for that we need a relaxed; flexible and open environment to work from.

iHub office in Manchester offers 25% of its space to open planned environments that are geared towards making you and your team experience a better week, natural light – bean to cup coffee, a friendly team with a ‘can do’ attitude and at prices which simply remain unchallenged for such a product in the serviced market.


So if you are a large or small business a start-up or a one-man band looking to move or grow in Manchester, challenge our theory and give us a call. We will invite you to share the freedom that iHub office brings to the city from City Tower and we’ll even offer it free for a day and at no charge…


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