Consumers are hungry for better engagement with brands, and face-to-face interaction is still winning the day – which makes Manchester event space a major requirement for any northern business.

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In a recent survey, 59% of CMOs from around the world recognised the importance of in-person brand experiences, flying in the face of a growing digital marketing trend. But when delivering these face-to-face experiences, finding the right event space has its own importance.

A global study conducted by Freeman and SSI involved 1000 marketing professionals across North America, Asia and Western Europe. It found that live engagement between brands and consumers is more popular than ever before – despite the advent of digital marketing. This may surprise some professionals, but the benefits of face-to-face brand experiences speak for themselves.

Building Strong Relationships

The importance of in-person brand experiences was notable among surveyed CMOs because of one specific factor – an area which has become a large focus for marketing campaigns in recent years, as social media closes the gap between consumers and brands: building relationships.

By engaging with consumers and prospective clients in a face-to-face scenario, brands have a much better chance of building a strong, long-lasting relationship. This is because, rather than relying on outbound written communications online, the brand can offer insight into their product or service with a live demonstration, or at the very least an opportunity to talk to professionals one-on-one. It seems – even after all this time and new technology – that you simply can’t beat face-to-face interaction.

A Personal Experience

Investigating this increase in popularity around in-person brand experiences, researchers found that personalisation was an important factor in making such events work – much as it is with online marketing campaigns. Brands are benefitting from making attendees feel personally involved and engaged with, either by using data and technology to curate such an experience, or by making events collaborative in nature.

In addition, CMOs are reportedly finding new ways to use the event space on offer, stepping away from using a single venue over a four-day event, and bringing in more varied environments for a truly immersive and ‘festivalised’ experience, tailored to what the attendees want.

All in the Event Space

As any marketing professional will already understand, half the battle with organising conferences and events lies in securing the right event space to address both the brand’s needs and those of their attendees. To transform an ordinary event into a live brand experience which can engage new prospects and build worthwhile relationships, however, requires even more effort.

That’s where a bespoke Manchester event space proves its worth to CMOs exploring this avenue. By finding an event space that’s close to transportation links, capable of hosting a varying number of people, and kitted out with technology and facilities, CMOs can eliminate a large amount of work, turning their focus to how they’ll engage with their attendees on a one-to-one basis instead.

Situated on Level 12 of the City Tower, iHub’s Manchester event space offers brands all this, plus access to private offices, lockers, meeting rooms, and a bar. By taking all the hard work away and providing a space which creates a great first impression and allows for a personalised experience, iHub’s Level 12 event space gives CMOs the opportunity to maximise the benefits of hosting prospective clients in an event of any shape or size.

Face-to-Face is Best

With the gap between brands and their customers becoming increasingly narrow, it’s never been more important for CMOs to reach out and invest in building genuine relationships – and with data, technology and high quality bespoke event space at their fingertips, it’s never been easier.

iHub’s Level 12 Manchester event space provides businesses with an opportunity to network, demonstrate and provide valuable in-person brand experiences to their prospective clients. To find out more about booking Level 12 for your event, simply get in touch and our team will be happy to help.


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