Britain has been called a ‘nation of shopkeepers’ on more than one occasion, and the moniker has rubbed off: we’re now a country that proudly encourages small businesses to thrive, offering the right economic conditions and resources to allow that to happen. One such resource – the co-working space – has taken off, finding its way into the heart of many small business communities.

In particular, co-working space in Manchester attracts small businesses from a variety of different industries, all with their own ideas and creative spark, and backed by a city built on innovation. But what brings small businesses and entrepreneurs to Manchester co-working space? What benefits are they enjoying that others have yet to sample?

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It all comes down to what they can do in a co-working space:

Inspire and Innovate

A co-working space in Manchester is always a melting pot of ideas, inspiration and innovation; a place where businesses and entrepreneurs with differing views of the world are thrust together.

In their shared co-working space, they’re free to easily and readily share their thoughts with likeminded individuals, whilst drawing from the presence of totally different industries and processes to develop interesting new solutions to challenges within their own area.

Join the Community

It’s not just what the people have to say that provides all the value in a Manchester co-working space: it’s the people themselves. Manchester is known for its diverse and welcoming business community, and a microcosm of this can be found in every co-working space in Manchester.

Co-working spaces have become the perfect location to develop mutually beneficial business relationships, satisfy a small team’s social needs, and even create lasting friendships. This makes generating referrals and finding other businesses to work with an incredibly easy experience – and can make the task of running a small business or one man band a lot less lonely.

Embrace Collaboration

Speaking of finding businesses to work with, co-working space also comes with plenty of opportunities to collaborate across industries. You could find the perfect partner to deliver a service you may not currently have on offer, or could find yourself being drafted into a project, lending your skills to another team.

This not only provides extra resources and income, but also allows you to work as part of a group and take on projects you may not otherwise have had access to. What’s more, your offering is expanded based upon the individuals you’re able to collaborate with – good news for clients!

Save the Pennies with Co-Working Space in Manchester

With the rise of remote working and the tightening of budgets up and down the land, the co-working space has become the preferred work environment of many entrepreneurs and small business owners. In Manchester, the variety on offer makes it possible for small businesses to explore co-working space as an option without having to break the bank.

iHub, for example, offers co-working membership in the heart of Manchester from just £99 a month – with reception services, refreshments, lockers, high speed wi-fi and discounts on meeting rooms all included. It’s everything your small business needs in order to grow within a community of its own, all for a manageable fee.

In short, co-working space in Manchester helps to bring out the best in small businesses, by allowing them to do much more than if they were in an office alone. There really are plenty of opportunities to flourish and do amazing things, amplified by the fact that Manchester is home to a fresh, dynamic community, with an impressive history of innovation to draw upon. It’s hard to think of anywhere better to set up shop!

Interested in making the most of our £99 a month Manchester co-working space offer? Simply get in touch to talk to a member of our team who will be happy to help!


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