Not only has the 21st century seen an evolution in how we work, but also where we work. As collaboration and flexibility become ever more popular traits in the modern business, traditional office spaces simply aren’t measuring up – making way for the co-working space of tomorrow.

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For example, the midlands has moved on from its industrial heritage. But how exactly can Birmingham co-working space offer a more flexible experience for the modern employee?

Over the last few years, it’s become increasingly commonplace to find co-working space in Birmingham, Manchester, London and other cities across the UK, all playing host to a wonderful mix of new and established businesses. These spaces are usually somewhere between being fully-serviced and completely independent, but all make for a flexible and collaborative experience – an enticing combination for employers and employees alike.

Staying Flexible

In today’s businesses, flexibility is a trait that can make or break a potential employee’s interest in the role on offer. In the UK, 77% of employees enjoy some degree of flexibility within their job – and employers are benefiting as well. Recent reports suggest that, due to flexibility in the workplace, UK employers are generating £6.9billion in productive hours a year. It’s no surprise, then, that flexibility at work is being embraced by so many.

Of course, what constitutes ‘flexibility’ can change from company to company. For some, it’s time adjustments made for childcare; for others, it’s the freedom to roam the office, working from anywhere. No matter what the definition, though, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the workplace plays an important role in accommodating flexibility.

Facing a similar dilemma is the solo entrepreneur, who often finds themselves somewhere between paying for an underused office or working from the kitchen table – seemingly the only two options which will allow for their way of working. There is, however, another way.

How Birmingham Co-Working Space can help

With the increase in flexibility on offer – and in demand – businesses and individuals alike need to consider which workplace environment will best reflect the lower standards of rigidity and accommodate a new way of working. Of all answers to this quandary, the most popular has become the co-working space, which serves as the perfect environment to host flexible working, and to expose a business to new ideas.

For businesses with employees, a co-working space opens their team up to a number of possibilities. Most obviously, the work environment becomes far more dynamic, offering change and a fresh outlook on a day-to-day basis. For those employees who often work remotely or at unusual hours, the co-working space is a chance to reconvene with colleagues on an as-needed basis, hot-desking when necessary.

What’s more, teams benefit greatly from the collaborative work environment. Rather than spend every working hour with the same individuals, employees can socialise with other professionals, forging relationships and collaborating to the benefit of both parties. The result is both a positive new outlook for employees, and fresh insights for the business.

Similarly, the solo professional has access to a network of individuals. Making the most of a Birmingham co-working space, for instance, keeps professionals in the beating heart of one of the UK’s largest creative business communities – and staves off the isolation many entrepreneurs first feel when working alone.

But it’s not simply the social aspect for the individual. Solo professionals live and work flexibly and their workplace needs can change day-by-day. Instead of paying to simply rent a desk – a cost which can end up mounting, even when the desk isn’t in use – an individual can use a co-working space on an ad-hoc or regular basis, all at an affordable price.

No matter what your situation – employer or individual – the co-working space is suited to fit rising levels of flexibility in the 21st century work life. The only question remaining is when will you give co-working space a try? It could, after all, be the answer to creative and flexible working that you’ve been looking for all along.

iHub provides Birmingham co-working space of an unrivalled quality, allowing for businesses and professionals to socialise, collaborate and thrive – all without the worries of a rigid traditional office space. To find out more, simply get in touch with our team, who will be happy to help.


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