The idea of using a virtual office in Manchester may be alien to many business owners, but we firmly believe it can be a fantastic choice for many.

Despite living in a heavily digital age, the impact of a brick-and-mortar address on business success is still as profound as ever. However, with the pressure of rising rent costs weighing on their mind, many small business owners are reluctant to invest in a physical location. So, how can they enjoy the benefits of a physical address, without breaking the bank?

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Living the Digital Dream 

In recent years, the business world has been transformed by an intake of powerful innovations, such as laptops, almost-omnipresent internet, and various apps. The result is a distinctly more digital professional world, where businesses, teams and individuals are no longer constrained by a single physical location.

That being said, a great deal of stock is still put into possessing a fixed business address in a well-known area – not least because it offers businesses the opportunity to present themselves with a professional image.

When boiled down, it shows that many small businesses are stilling willing to pay for the right to say “here we are”, and to welcome clients to a prestigious address.

Weighing Up the Cost

The problem, however – and why so many other professionals are opting for remote working instead – is that rent costs have inevitably risen in recent years, and there are additional overheads which come higher in the list of priorities than securing a pleasant workplace.

There’s a challenge, then, in making the most of the benefits of a physical address – the reputation, the ability to welcome clients, and so on – without creating an unnecessarily large overhead. For many small businesses, the weighing up of cost and benefit has led to a compromise: the virtual office.

The Best of Both Worlds

The idea of the virtual office has grown in popularity recently thanks to both the affordability it offers, as well as the ability to continue with a digital existence, where remote working doesn’t elicit fears of losing money on an underused office space.

At the heart of the virtual office is the opportunity to put your business’ name to a physical, and well-established address, ideal for your website, business cards and postal communications. What’s more, a Manchester virtual office in particular often comes with the chance to network with other exciting professionals from the city’s community, all within the same address.

Stronger Interactions

A virtual office in Manchester is much more than just an address, though: a virtual office is usually equipped with additional features that serve to strengthen the interactions between businesses and their clients – such as co-working spaces or outsourced administration – without adding any more pressure to business owners.

iHub’s Manchester virtual office service, for example, provides professionals not only with a complete communications package and the all-important brick-and-mortar presence, but also offers meeting room hire and the use of private offices.

The result is a low-cost, minimum commitment deal, with maximum flexibility – all of which paints a smart, professional image. And, of course, it still allows our clients to work from anywhere in the world when they’re not using iHub’s other facilities.

A New Kind of Presence

With the rise of the virtual office as an alternative to owning office space, the future of remote working looks set. Thanks to being able to hold down a presence in any city in the world without physically being there, small businesses and entrepreneurs are free to work outside the confines of the workplace, without having to miss out on the benefits being enjoyed by other businesses – and iHub’s proud to be able to play a part in providing this new kind of presence.

Looking for a way to preserve your freedom, but still create a professional impression? iHub offers flexible and affordable services via our virtual office in Manchester – simply get in touch to find out more.


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