Manchester: often touted as the UK’s second city, home to the likes of Oasis and Morrissey, and now hailed as the tech hub of the North. There’s really no place like home, and many businesses moving into office space in Manchester are seeing that for themselves. 

As Manchester’s popularity and reputation continues to swell, more and more business owners are finding themselves attracted to the city’s bright lights and well-serviced office space – and for good reason, too. In fact, for many good reasons, as we’re about to illustrate.

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  1. A Whole Lot of History

No doubt you once opened a school history textbook once upon a time and learned about the Industrial Revolution. Manchester had a prime position at the centre of proceedings, and the evidence continues to survive in the form of listed buildings, the presence of the canal, and the city’s entrepreneurial spirit.

The rich and fascinating history on offer in Manchester – which extends far beyond just the Industrial Revolution, and encompasses many medical, engineering, and technical feats over its lifetime – has kept our fair city attracting businesses for hundreds of years. Of course, this isn’t just because they’re history buffs; Manchester’s past lends it an air of prestige and plays a contributing factor to its modern-day thirst for innovation.

  1. The Northern Powerhouse

Speaking of driving for innovation, Manchester also finds itself unofficially (and sometimes at the behest of other cities in the area) at the heart of George Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse movement.

Launched in 2015, the Northern Powerhouse has become a passion project for the government and Osborne, and seeks to champion the North on the world stage in terms of innovation, devolution, and success. As part of the Powerhouse, Manchester has enjoyed the freedom to vote for a mayor (Labour’s Andy Burnham) and choose how to spend allocated funds locally.

The government’s dedication to make the Northern Powerhouse a continued success has seen businesses in the region benefit greatly as a result – and businesses moving into Manchester office space find themselves revelling in investment, support, and a whole host of exciting new ideas.

  1. The Community

A city is only as good as its community, and for businesses, there’s a lot to enjoy. With a vibrant gaggle of professionals, regular networking meet ups, and a whole host of events across the calendar, Manchester prides itself on the quality of its business community.

Business owners have already discovered the advantage to this friendly spirit when securing their office space in Manchester, with business opportunities, resources, and assistance available around every corner.

It’s not just the typical stuffy networking on offer, either. There really is an event for everybody, from any industry, and all professionals have the chance to contribute to and enjoy the community that they’ve become a part of.

  1. The Culture

When considering what they need in an office space to make their employees happy, employers must look beyond just networking opportunities and history lessons, to the culture of a city – and anyone who’s ever visited Manchester knows that there’s plenty of that to be going around.

Basing yourself in an office space in Manchester city centre allows employees to enjoy the creativity of the famous Northern Quarter, or sample delicious foods around Deansgate, or even just to enjoy a summer’s lunch break on Piccadilly Gardens – all of which offers an insight into what Manchester has to offer, and a chance to interact with the friendly, sometimes madcap locals.

  1. A City of Ground-breakers

Speaking of the locals, Manchester is home to a whole host of ground-breakers. For a short while, famous codebreaker Alan Turing called the city his home, whilst suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst was born in Manchester’s Moss Side.

This tradition continues today, with the city’s inhabitants constantly striving to defy the norm and break new ground, in even the smallest ways. Businesses moving to Manchester office space quickly find themselves swept up and inspired by this ground-breaking spirit, and it’s a brilliant source of motivation.

Ever since iHub became part of the Manchester community, we too have been inspired by the ground-breaking mentality, leading to us offering an affordable, well-catered office space package – including Level 20, the highest serviced office space in the North West.

  1. The Facilities on Offer

On that note, it’d be hard to explain why businesses are securing office space in Manchester without considering the world-class facilities on offer. The city is home to a wide selection of co-working spaces, meeting rooms, event space, and office space – many of which are serviced and maintained.

In fact, Manchester’s new office building take-up has regularly rivalled London’s. In 2010, our city’s offices occupied a million square foot, narrowly missing out on first place against the capital. New builds aside, there’s still plenty of office space options to consider when moving to Manchester – and with so many good reasons on offer, it’s easy to see why a business would move to this fair city!

Are you sold on a move to Manchester? Secure high-quality, serviced office space in Manchester city centre with iHub, and start enjoying life in our city – we love it, and we’re sure you will too! Got any questions? Simply get in touch with our team.



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